IT consultancy

The purpose of our IT & ICT consultancy services is simple; we want to ensure that customers get maximum value from ICT through our services. We do this by providing extensive advice to clients on how their ICT can best contribute to the achievement of their operational and strategic objectives. After all, ICT always has several objectives. It should support employees in their work and it should become easier for customers to do business with you. It must make processes more efficient and last but not least: ICT must be flexible enough to adapt to any organizational change. This is what we stand for and we want to achieve this together with our customers.

IT & ICT consultancy performed by true specialists

After years of experience, we can say that Leyl International is now a specialist in IT & ICT consultancy. Whether customers are looking for a party that can provide comprehensive IT advice or a party that ensures that the ICT within the company is used as efficiently as possible; Leyl International controls both aspects. Combine this knowledge with a people-oriented and personal approach and a great sense of responsibility for protecting the valuable systems and data of customers and you have summarized the core of Leyl International.

The Leyl International IT method

Our architects monitor cohesion. The ICT consultants and technical specialists ensure the correct design and management. In addition, we have in-house process specialists who examine whether certain activities can be performed more efficiently and how ICT can support this. This allows us to provide you with targeted ICT advice on various expertise in the field of ICT, such as IT Security, cloud services and Office 365.